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Alex Due music production

Making music has been part of my life since my early childhood. I’ve been producing several dozens largely electronic tracks for a couple of musical projects, focussing on Trance for the first few years and on mostly softer electronic and acoustic music since.

Alex Due is the project I've been working on most for the last couple of years, though only very few results have been published yet. All my music is Creative Commons licensed.

C3S collecting society

Since October 2012 I've been actively engaged in the constitution of a new European collecting society. The Cultural Commons Collecting Society promises to provide services focussing on the artist's needs by embracing new technologies and using them to the artist's benefit rather than condemning them, thereby making it easier for artists to survive in an ever-changing world.

As a musician and music enthusiast I became a founding member and thereby took part in the establishment of the C3S as a legal entity which as such is currently in preparation of the formal application for a collecting society licence. The professional computer scientist part of me has been gathering requirements and drafting designs for the development of an administrative system to handle artist and work registrations as well as accounting matters.

entropisch.de personal blog

This is my personal blog which I've been writing mostly in German. It's for random topics, texts which have sometimes more and occasionally less value.

Honestly, I thought I'd might use it more often but as it turned out I'm usually doing other things than writing blog articles.


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